16 Sep

“Handmade – Scandinavian Glass Starting All Over”

30/9 – 29/10 2017 Utställningen visar de innovativa tendenserna inom det handgjorda, nordiska glaset just nu, till exempel inom interaktivt smart glass, inom nyskapande projektbaserade samarbetsformer, produktutveckling och affärsmodeller.

Här finner du en lista över deltagande konstnärer, formgivare och projekt!

Invigning kl.14.00, invigningstalare Bernd Arell, Museichef, Nationalmuseum.

Here are pictures of the work Fractures as exhibited at the Glass Factory

17 Oct

European Glass Festival – Wroclaw – Łódź – Legnica – Kraków

Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde – Play with Glass – European Glass Festival – 17.10.2016–10.11.2016 – opening: 17 October 2016, 5 pm – Wrocław Central Train Station – Session Room

 Kalina Bańka – Poland; Jakub Berdych Karpelis – Czech Republic; Æsa Björk – Iceland/Norway; Javier Blanco – Spain; Jana Hojstričová, Palo Macho – Slovakia; Krista Israel – Netherlands; Maria Koshenkova – Russia/Denmark; Magdalena Kucharska – Poland; Sini Majuri – Finland; Mihály Melcher – Hungary; John Moran – USA/Belgium; Silvio Vigliaturo – Italy; Janusz Walentynowicz – Denmark/USA; Krzysztof Wałaszek – Poland; Bernd Weinmayer – Germany/Austria; Dana Zámečníková – Czech Republic; Barbara Zworska-Raziuk – Poland 

Curator: Anita Bialic

Wrocław – Wrocław Central Train Station – Session Room – 17.10.2016–10.11.2016

Tuesday – Friday, Sunday – 1 pm – 7 pm / Saturday – 10 am – 7pm

Łódź – Municipal Art Gallery – Re:Medium Gallery – ul. Piotrkowska 113 – 17.11.2016–10.12.2016

Legnica – RING Gallery – Pl. Katedralny 1 – 16.12.2016–29.01.2017

Kraków – BB Gallery – ul. Skałeczna 5 – 07.02.2017–31.03.2017

Festival DebutBeginning – Sebastian Kitzberger – Czech Republic 

EGF exhibition:

Where is my paradise? – Shige Fujishiro – Japan

Travellers – Marta Gibiete – Latvia

Transfer – Antonina Joszczuk

Flamingos and Inselbergs – Stefan Sadowski

INSIDE – Magdalena Tyc-Witwicka

HOT DOG – Stani (Stanisław Jan Borowski) 

Still Life – Anna Gałuszka

Memory Cards – Małgorzata Mitka

Festival programme

“We see glass as a solid substance, but in fact, it is a liquid; there are so many ways to use it. We have only scratched the surface,” said Zesty Meyers, who joins Evan Snyderman to make B Team, whose designs include works using liquid glass.

The main exhibition of the 5th edition of the Play with Glass European Glass Festival, which bears the provocative title of Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde, covers the gamut of possibilities available to glass artists in the twenty-first century. In Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson’s world-famous novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), a distinguished London doctor, Henry Jekyll, turns into the cruel Edward Hyde through a serum of his own invention. Jekyll is unable to reconcile himself to the acts he performs as Hyde, and commits suicide.

Stevenson’s novella is a portrait of a person who is pathologically divided; it introduced the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” into our colloquial language to describe a person with a split personality. Will turning Dr Jekyll into a Mrs Hyde prevent the suicide? Or will Mrs Hyde, like her male counterpart, turn out to be a monster…? The eighteen artists from thirteen European countries who have been invited to take part in the main exhibition of this year’s festival have received a difficult task: to use glass to present a personal tale of a contemporary Dr Jekyll, alienated in the industrial and virtual space of the twenty-first century.

In viewing the works specially prepared for the exhibition, we have no doubt that, as an artistic medium, glass offers limitless opportunities for expression and uncovering the truth of the world that surrounds us.

One year ago, a The Wall Street Journal headline ran: “Glass Becomes the Art World’s Buzziest Material.” The Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde exhibition confirms that glass is “buzzy” indeed.



16 Sep

Transition at Edinburgh College of Art

16th -30th September 2016
Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), Sculpture Court, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF

We are pleased to announce that 32 glass artists have been selected for the ‘Transition’ ECA Alumni Glass Exhibition as follows; Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, Amanda Baron, Æsa Björk, Kirsty Brooks, Robin Crawford, Juli Bolaños-Durman, Rachel Elliott, Carrie Fertig, Dominic Fonde, Ainsley Francis, Shaun Fraser, Jamie Gray, Rhian Haf, Siobhan Healy, Alan Horsley, Dr Choi Keeryong, Ida Weith-Knudsen, Gemma Leamy, Malvina Middleton, Harry Morgan, June Morrison, Lisa Naas, Patricia Niemann, Inge Paneels, Agelos Papadakis, Laura Reed, Garvin Sealy, Minako Shirakura, Dr Max Stewart, Richard Wheater, Clare Wilson and Jeff Zimmer. Photographic images of their work will be shown as part of the Transition exhibition and will be shown alongside the members of Staff who taught them over the years; the work of Dr Ray Flavell, Douglas Hogg, Alec Galloway, Dr Jessamy Kelly, Geoffrey Mann, Alison McConnachie, Keiko Mukaide and Ingrid Phillips will be represented.

Photographic prints of alumni work will be shown alongside a selection of historical artifacts, documents and artworks from the ECA Glass archive collection. The exhibition will showcase the wealth of talent, which has emerged over the years from the department.

The show will run from the 16-30th September alongside the North Lands 20 Conference, which is being held at ECA on the 16-18th September. A preview event will be held on Thursday the 22nd of September 6-8pm at ECA.

Glass has been established at ECA for over 100 years, the postgraduate course is unique within Scotland and located at one of the few centres of excellence in this discipline in the UK. Comprehensive college-wide workshops including a state of the art digital fabrication lab and specific hot and cold glass studio facilities enable our students to experience a programme in the conception and production of glass to the highest level. We benefit from visiting professional practitioners and lecturers, and students have the opportunity to participate in live projects and competitions.

For information on the Exhibition see: http://www.eca.ed.ac.uk/school-of-design/news-events/transition

10 Sep

European Glass Context – Bornholm Art Museum

EGC2016 – Curated,
Bornholm Art Museum

Sep. 10 – Nov. 13 2016

This exhibition will be exhibited at Bornholm Art Museum and will be curated by a group of 6 curators. The curators will nominate artists for participation from their region, the curator group will make the final selection.

A minimum of 1, and a maximum of 2 artists from each of the 31 European countries will be accepted and be represented with 1- 2 principal pieces of work.

Participation in this exhibition, is by nomination only.

Who can participate?

All 28 members of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are invited to participate in the EGC2016 exhibitions.

Artists must be of the nationality or be a resident in the country they represent. Artists that took part in the EGC2012, may not participate in the same exhibition category in EGC2016.

Artwork can be made in any technique and form of artistic expression. The materials used in the artwork must be predominantly glass. Objects must be unique and not part of serial or industrial production. Artwork must be available throughout the full exhibition period. Artwork must be contemporary and made in 2012 or later, work produced before this time will not be accepted.

Curator Group

The curators will nominate artists for participation in the curated exhibition at Bornholm Art Museum and the entire curator group will make the final selection.
The curator group will also select participants among applicants for the open call exhibition at Grønbechs Gaard.

The group has 6 members representing various regions in Europe. The curators may come from different backgrounds within museums and education, but have all been invited because of their insight and expertise of contemporary glass in Europe. The curators play a vital role in the profile and organization of European Glass Context. Their choices will outline the direction in which contemporary glass is going in their region.

Europe 1: Maja Heuer, Museum Director The Glass Factory, Sweden

Europe 2: Sven Hauschke, Curator of Arts and Crafts and European Museum of Modern Glass, Kunstsamlungen der Veste Coburg, Germany

Europe 3: Dr Jeffrey Sarmiento, Reader in Glass, MA Glass Programme Leader, University of Sunderland, UK

Europe 4: Dr. Raimonda Simanaitiene, Assoc. Professor at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Europe 5: Sylva Petrová, Curator at ZIBA Prague Glass Experience Museum, Czech Republic

Europe 6: Maria Luisa Martinez, Museum Director El Museo de Arte en Vidrio de Alcorcón – MAVA

The EGC2016 Prizes and Jury

Two prizes of € 10.000 € and € 5000 will be given to two outstanding artists or artists groups, selected among the participants in the two exhibitions. A jury of three international members with expertise within the field of glass will go through the exhibitions before the opening and select the prize winners. The winners will be announced at the exhibition opening.

The Jury members are:

Åsa Jungnelius SE, Artist and professor at Konstfack Stockholm SE

Jean-Luc Olivié FR, Chief Curator at Musee Les Arts Décoratifs FR

Lars Kærulf Møller DK, Museum director, Bornholm Art Museum DK

Venue: Bornholm Art Museum

Dates: 10. Sep. – 13. Nov. 2016

Participation: By nomination only



Monica Alvestad Amundsen

Charles Stern
Sara Lundkvist

Helmi Remes
Riika Latva-Somppi

Aesa Björk

Mette Colberg
Pernille Braun


Sibylle Peretti
Thomas Kuhn

Eva Moosbrugger
Verena Schatz

Veronika Suter

The Netherlands
Alexandra Bremers
Katrin Maurer

Yorgos Papadopoulos



Alison Lowry
Sinéad Brennan

United Kingdom
James Maskrey
Karlyn Sutherland

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Nadège Desgenétez

Ilse Van Roy
Sylvie Vandenhoucke



Eeva Käsper
Eve Koha

Inguna Audere
Vineta Groza

Irina Peleckienė
Paulius Rainys

Agnieszka Lesniak Banasiak
Kalina Bańka

Angelina Pavlova
Latchezar Boyadjiev


Czech Republic
Alena Matějka
Jiřina Žertová

Marta Matejková
Palo Macho

Monika Smolič

Diána Farkas
Endre Gaál

Alexandra Mureșan
Mihai Topescu


Bárbara Gil de Biedma
Esther Pizarro

Antonio Severino Pereira
Manuela Castro Martins

Silvano Rubino
Vittoria Parrinello

Gordana Drinkovic

Exhibition catalogue

An exhibition catalogue will be produced presenting all artists with images of their work, critical notes and a short CV, as well as essays on contemporary glass.


14 Oct

SÝN – S12 Galleri og Verksted



SÝN -Æsa Björk


S12 Open access studio and gallery

The Exhibition SÝN gives an insight into the work of one of S12’s founders, Æsa Björk. -an artist with great awareness of the properties and qualities of glass.

The body is a recurring theme in Æsa’s artistic practice, consisting of both sculpture and installations. Her work focuses on the different layers of experience and meaning. She is interested in the boundaries between the inner and outer layers of the human being, and how we perceive ourselves in a given situation. She often works with bold and poetic glass objects and incorporates both photo and video in her work.

 Among the works displayed are Impression II -an installation with two large photographs showing the artist’s naked body covered in heavy solid glass spheres, which at the same time both reveal and conceal the motif. At the other end of the scale we find, First Impression from the Measuring Device for Negative Space – a work so delicate that the shadow is almost more visible than the sculpture itself.

 Æsa uses many different techniques in her approach to glass (pâte de verre, casting, flame working) and is not afraid to explore new directions. SÝN is an exhibition that shows the many qualities that glass can represent – and a good example of the opportunities that open up with an in depth knowledge of the material.

 Æsa Björk was one of the founders of S12 in 2005, and was the managing director until the summer 2011. From then she has been its artistic advisor.  During 2011 – 2014 she was a visiting artist and faculty at Sculpture Dimensional Studies at NYSCC – Alfred University, NY.  In 1997 she received her Masters degree from the Glass Department of Edinburgh College of Art. She also studied as an exchange student at the Prague Academy of Art and Design with Professor Vladimir Kopecky in 1994.  She has spent considerable time at the Pilchuck Glass School both as a student, TA and Emerging Artist in Residence.  In 1996 she was an artist in residence at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Vernissage 10.10.14 at 7 pm. 

The Exhibition will be opened by prizewinning curator Bjørn Inge Follevaag. Music by Heidi og Problemene.