Through my work I often focus on the different layers of experience and meaning. Early on I described my approach to describing human existence as a long distance runner feeling the thread of his own fabric as the landscape and people he passes flicker past his field of vision, his breathing connecting his innside to his outside … from the inside out and outside in, like half drawn blinds revealing both the inside and outside at once, thus exposing a double reality, a duality inherent in existence.

I focus on the observer as well as the observed along with aspects of time and questions surrounding observations of ourselves. I often do this by either observing myself or others and then finding a material, form or context in which to express these observations.

Glass as a material with its inherent qualities of both fragility and strength as well as its ability to juxtapose inside and outside along with the many layers in between has therefore been a material I have found especially interesting to work with.

My work tends to be installation based taking active use of the area it is exhibited in, which has lead me to work with unconventional exhibition spaces and public art.

Both in my own work and while teaching I love to challenge both the
technical and the expressive boundaries of the chosen material even if it results in so called “failure”. One of my favourite quotes coming from Becketts Worstward Ho:
«Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better».