Fractures is a continuation of Æsa’s study of human boundaries, and the individuals space in the context of human relationships. The work was made by using a digital scan of her body, which she then split and divided into sections, 3-D printed and cast in glass. The cast glass pieces that show the contrasted surfaces of digitized human skin are held in place with borosilicate glass rods which resemble a fragile scaffolding. The piece evokes architectural structures on the verge of collapse, tectonic plates, skeletal structures and comments on the fragile state of the individual, both on a personal level and on the level of the individual in modern society, underlying the fragile state we as a species find ourselves in.

Cast glass from 3Dprinted elements Dimensions: 140cm x 80cm x 90cm, Photo: Pål Hoff

The 3D scans have also served as the basis for a series of glass pictures that are directly related to the sculpture. The first version was made at the Kolektiv ateliers in Nový Bor, CZ during the glass symposium. Later versions were developed by a technique called fusing with Bullseye Glass.

  • Æsa Björk, Fracture III, 2023