08 May

Diversity for Peace

Exhibition on the ground and first floor of The Procuratie Vecchie 139-153, San Marco Square, Venice
Opening times: 11-18 all days.

Six Months’Exhibition hosted by Karuizawa New Art Museum Venice Branch

Curator: Koei Shiraishi (Whitestone Art Foundation)
Guest Curator: Junji Ito (Art Critic)

Participating Artists:
Florentijn Hofman
Ronald Ventura
Huang Yuxing
Miwa Komatsu
Yang Yongliang
Chris Succo
Fabio Modica
Aesa Bjork
Ryotaro Muramatsu (NAKED)
Ahhi ChoiHost: Karuizawa New Art Museum (KaNAM)

Shield III is in room 13 on the first floor to your left as you go up the stairs/lift.

Shield III

Glass, electronics, video projections

The work Shield is a series of collaborative works between the visual artist Æsa Björk and musician / performer Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir.

By mapping brain activity with EEG recordings, Æsa and Tinna set out to interpret the border between an intangible emotional state and the physical manifestation of brain activity. The EEG recordings were transformed into sound waves. The fragile glass shields serve both as canvases depicting the physical movements that took place, as well as soundboards for brain activity triggered by emotional responses and movement. The sound manifests itself as vibrations created by the conductive speakers attached to the glass. By forming a chamber of human proportions the glass shields can be seen as a membrane separating the self from the outside while reflecting an inner reality which often remains invisible.

The Production of Shield III was supported by S12 Gallery and Workshop and the City of Bergen, Norway.

Exhibition Support:
Whitestone Gallery (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Karuizawa)
Whitestone Art Foundation
Venice Art Factory
Fudo Co., Ltd