11 Jun

Coburger Glaspreis featured in Glass, The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly No.167

Andrew Page editor of glass wrote:
“The Coburg Prize winners for 2022 show the increasing sophistication of the field

The 2022 Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass shows a maturing field, with artists tackling social issues and concern about the environment. Since it was launched in 1977, the prestigious Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass has only been awarded five times.

Top honors at the 2022 Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass were awarded to Icelandic-born artist Æsa Björk, who is also the founder of the important international art center S12 in Bergen, Norway, Björk won for her 2021 work Fragments, which features two fragile, lens-like disks marked by pâte de verre textures that give the work a distressed and blistered quality. Like an otherworldly artifact of some past trauma, the work was cited by the prize judges as “reminiscent of the Big Bang and the creation of the universe.”

Along with the prestige of winning one of Europe’s top glass honors, the award comes with 15.000 Euro prize. The winning work will be shown along with 90 international artists who made it through the first round of jurying, in an exhibit that will remain on view through September 25, 2022, at the Veste Coburg and at the nearby European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental, Germany.”